About me…

unnamedHi there. Let me introduce myself,  I am Cathyann. I  live in NYC. I am living Celiac so that means living gluten free for many years at this point.  I am in my 50’s, a grandmother and living life through happiness and feeling good. Daily I make a continuous effort to maintain my happiness and good health. I do hot yoga and saunas. I read all food labeling and do my the best to choose healthy delicious food. I like it chemical free, hormone free, and humane/sustainable. I love plant based foods and keep it mostly dairy free and always gluten free. I do however eat dairy selectively and eat meat and fish sparingly. Which is why I called my diet FODMAPISH. I have it tweaked to my individual needs and tolerance. I discovered fodmap’s in my pursuit to heal my gut. It has been life changing and for that reason I am forever leaning on fodmaps to keep me feeling good. Life happens and the “ish” is just living  life to the fullest. I encourage everyone to follow the diet and lifestyle that offers them health, freedom and happiness.

Food and life go hand and hand.

Live, eat, share, Gluten free and “FODMAPISH”. 


Be well X






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